Other Services  
Other Services
  • Standing Orders

    A quick, easy way to pay bills on time.
  • Safety Deposit

    A safe place to store your important documents
  • Cheque Deposit Box

    Save time by placing your cheque deposits (no more than $10,000.00) in our 'drop box' which can be found on the Ground Floor of our office.
  • Money Mangement & Financial Counselling

    We offer advice for major purchases, loans and financial planning
  • Payroll Processing

    Your payroll cheques deposited to your employees' accounts at SJCCU.
  • Loan Protection

    Your loans are insured (up to $27,000.00) at no extra cost to you against death and dismemberment up to age sixty-nine (69). In the event of death, your loan balance can be cleared, thereby relieving your beneficiaries of that burden.
  • Additionally, we offer

    • Entrepreneurs Workshop hosted annually during the month of October
    • "We Come to You" initiative
    • Hispanic Outreach