Insurance Services  
Insurance Services
  • Group Health Insurance

    A health care plan for individual members and their families to cover expenses related to medical, dental and vision care.
    • Single Coverage - $137.31
    • Two-party Coverage - $238.59
    • Family Coverage - $317.38
  • Medical Air Service

    For a low monthly premium be assured that in case of a medical emergency a fully staffed air ambulance will be available to you to provide air and ground transportation and organ retrieval.
  • Loan Protection

    Uniquely, your credit union also provides the added benefit of insuring all our members’ loans against death at no direct cost to them, the maximum benefit being $27,000.00.
  • Family and Indemnity

    Be prepared to cover funeral expenses during times of family loss.
    Plan Benefit Amount Premium
    A $5,000.00 $26.40
    B $7,500.00 $39.60
    C $10,000.00 $52.80
    D $15,000.00 $79.20

** Rates quoted on this page are subject to change by providers at any time.