Savings and Investments  
Savings and Investments
  • Permanent Shares

    The Co-operative Societies Act mandates that Credit Union members own a minimum of 20 shares, equivalent to EC$100. This forms part of the permanent capital base of the institution and cannot be withdrawn though transferrable to another member.
  • Voluntary Shares

    Similar to the Permanent Shares, Voluntary Shares are an investment in the Credit Union’s capital. They represent long term investments and can be used as collateral for loans. Annual surplus is used to pay dividends on shares held by members once statutory requirements are met.

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  • Savings Account

    A regular deposit and withdrawal account which offers a competitive interest rate.
  • Kick-Start Junior Savings Account

    For children under the age of 14 years to save a fixed amount of money weekly/month.

    For more information, download our Kick Start brochure.

  • Special Deposit

    A special deposit and withdrawal account ideal for groups, associations and businesses.
  • Chequing Account

    A safe and convenient way to transact business and keep track of your expenditure.
      »  Chequing Account Application Form (Personal)
      »  Chequing Account Application Form (Business)
  • Christmas Club

    Save a specific amount from December to November.
  • Fixed Deposit

    Earning interest at 2.5% on deposits from $1,000.00 and over.