Credit Facilities  
Credit Facilities
We offer competitive interest rates and terms and You’ll save while repaying.

Loan Requirements

To apply for any type of loan, members need to provide the following:
  • Two(2) forms of Government issued ID (Passport compulsory and a Social Security or Medical Benefits Card).
  • Job Letter
  • Recent Bill (to show proof of address)
  • Collateral (to include the first month's instalment)
  • Substantiating documents

Loan Products

Choose from our suite of lending products to help you meet all of your short, medium and long term goals:
  • Fully Cash Secured Loan

    Borrow at a discounted rate of interest against money you have already saved instead of making a withdrawal and so continually build your assets.
    • Interest Rate 8%
    • No additional documents are needed.
    • Once approved, cheques are disbursed immediately.
  • Personal Loan

    Borrow up to $50,000.00 for any provident and productive purpose. These include: Valentine's Love Loan, Storm Ready Loan, Back to School, Weddings, Funerals, Travel, Furniture & Appliances, etc.
    • Terms up to 5 years
    • Additional payments allowed at any time (without penalty)
  • Motor Vehicle Loan

    Financing is available for new and used vehicles.
  • Land Loan

    Your dream of owning your own piece of the rock can become a reality. "Land the opportunity of a lifetime."
  • Mortgage

    Thinking about home ownership or expansion? Let us provide the financing you need.

    See our Mortgage Brochure for more details

  • Business Loan

    Becoming an entrepreneur can be made easier when you finance your operations by taking a loan with us.
  • Debt$aver Loan (Seasonal)

    Relieve the stress of making multiple payments monthly by consolidating your outstanding debts.
  • Education Loan

    Invest in you! Further your learning to further your earning.
  • Christmas Loan (Seasonal)

    Get up to $5,000.00 with no hassle.
  • Back to School Loan (Seasonal)

    Time for the kids to begin a new school year?