Our Partners  
Our Partners

St. John's Co-operative Credit Union partners with a number of organisations in fulfilling our community service and social goals. Our partners include:

  • The Bendals Community Group (BCG)
    The Bendals Community Group was formed in May of 2001 by a group of residents intent on community development and advocacy. Its members volunteer of their time and service in this non-profit organization as they seek to impact the educational, environmental, social and economic facets of their community.

    Some of the activities / projects undertaken in partnership with BCG include:
    • Donating the funds for the Annual Education Grants/Scholarships Program to students at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels
    • Commuter bus branding

    The other activities of BCG include:
    • Assisting students at the Common Entrance and CXC levels with revision and practice
    • Assisting persons at the CXC level financially who may have the aptitude but not the resources
    • Taking the elderly on excursions
    • Partnering with Eye-Mobile to provide free glaucoma testing every March
    • Partnering with the Mount St. John's Medical Center to launch a kidney-testing exercise, which hopefully will become an annual exercise
    • Lending assistance to the community clinic and primary school
    • Awarding community members annually in the areas of sports and general humanitarianism
    • Hosting fund-raising events to assist in covering medical expenses. In the near future they hope to have a Medical Fund established.
    • Collaborating with the Red Cross society to have persons receive first aid and disaster-response training

  • Antigua & Barbuda Softball Cricket Association
    SJCCU has been the title sponsor of Women's Softball Cricket in association with the Antigua & Barbuda Softball Cricket Association for the past seventeen (17) years and counting.

  • Gilbert Agricultural & Rural Development Centre (GARDC)
    As partners with the Gilbert Agricultural & Rural Development Centre (GARDC) we have assisted with the sponsorship of their programs to include funds and venue for vocational courses, business mentorships, internships and facilitation at career fairs.

  • Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority (ABIA)
    As a stakeholder in the financial sector, we share and colloborate with the ABIA in the empowerment and development of the small business sector. Also we are participants in the ABIA Constuct Antigua and Barbuda Initiative (CABI) and the Mind Your Business series.