Our History, Motto, Mission and Vision  
Our History, Motto, Mission and Vision

Our History

During the late fifties, early sixties, a dauntless effort was made to establish Credit Unions in Antigua and Barbuda. This effort was spearheaded by a small group of pioneers who referred to themselves as the "Committee of Seven". Over the years they were responsible for the formation of several Credit Unions across the island.

In 1972, the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions was established in Dominica. The role of this organization was to revitalize the Credit Union movement throughout the region, one way being to establish umbrella Leagues. In 1981, the Antigua Barbuda Co-operative Credit Union League was formed.

Shortly after this effort was the birth of the St. John’s Co-operative, influenced by Ms. Althea Crick, our first President.

Her zeal to become involved in the co-operative movement was as a result of her viewing an exuberant television interview of Mr. Raymond Simon of the ABCCUL and Mr. Richard Lowe and Melvin Edwards of CCCU, and being convinced that the Movement was something she wanted to be a part of. The day after the interview was aired, she set about contacting Mr. Simon at the League who enlightened her on not only the Credit Union history but also the reasons she ought to play an active role.

A few weeks later, she accepted the challenge and was immediately invited to a CCCU-sponsored workshop. Consequently, she was assigned the task of starting a new Credit Union. Many late nights were spent hammering out by-laws and operating policies, and family and friends were canvassed as potential directors. By August 16th 1982, the dream was realized and SJCCU was formed with sixteen members!

Our Motto

Saving Together For Financial Self-sufficiency.

Our Mission

To provide unmatched benefits to our members.

Our Vision

Our member's preferred choice for financial and developmental services.